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TSM vs. The World

I began watching TSM during the 2018 Summer Split. I didn’t know much about League of Legends at all but when I felt the energy of the fans in the Oakland Oracle Arena during TSM’s finals matchup against 100 Thieves, I knew I would be a long-term TSM supporter.

It was shortly after the 2018 NALCS Summer Finals that I learned TSM were once legends. The past few splits the team and fans endured some ups and downs. There were plenty of roster changes and a lack of going to worlds for a team that holds 6 NALCS Championship titles.

This year, I will be posting my observations of TSM’s gameplay and my opinions on their mindset and strategies throughout their journey back to worlds with their brand new roster featuring BrokenBlade, Dardoch, Bjergsen, Kobbe, and Biofrost. Stay tuned for weekly updates and follow me on twitter to be notified of new posts. #TSMWIN

Disclaimer: All content found on this site is personal opinion and not officially affiliated with TSM. Please feel free to contact me if you find any factual information to be incorrect.