Synali Parker

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

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Discovering New Opportunities

I graduated from Mills College in January 2019 with a B.A. in Computer Science. My primary language is Java which was also the primary language taught at Mills. I've been practicing and teaching myself new skills in Web Development. In January 2018, I began working as a Teaching Assistant for Mission Bit where I assisted in teaching a diverse group of students the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In July 2018, I worked with Girls Make Games where I mentored students in game development with Unity and Stencyl. In the Summer of 2019, I worked with iD Tech as the Lead Instructor at the College of William and Mary teaching Game Develpment in Java. I am currently a Project Developer at Decisions in Chesapeake, VA.

Margaret Walker Website

This website features a modern adaptation of an annotated bibliography. It was created for a Survey of African American Literature course final project in the Fall of 2018. The assignment required a digital adaptation of an annotated bibliography of sources highlighting a historic African American writer. The sources must cover the topics of contemporary perspectives, contemporary events, sources since 2000, and today's popular media.

OpenStudio App

OpenStudio is an Android app intended for people to find and host low cost art spaces in their communities. This app was created for a Mobile Application Development course final project in the Spring of 2017. Using Android Studio, I worked in a team of four to plan and execute the project. I specifically focussed on the map and search features as well as the final UI design of the app (not featured in the mockups).





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